Future Tenants

Text (254) 495-7735 your Full Name and Email Address along with Address of Home Inquiring About. – All Applications are done on line.

$70.00 Application Fee – Per Person over 18 Years of Age

Thank you for considering Key Real Estate Services for your rental and leasing agency.
We look forward to assisting you in finding a property that fits your needs.

Step 1 – Submit an Application

When you decide to lease a property, please email (malisaspivey@gmail.com) or text (254) 495-7735 your information. PLEASE NOTE: We lease our properties on a first-come, first-serve basis. In order for us to consider your application, we must have your completed application with the application fee. We will not process your application without these required fees. All applicants over the age of 18 must provide information on application and sign on the lease

Our office is located at 110 E. Center St., Lorena TX  76655

Office hours:

 Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 .m.

Saturday & Sunday by Appointment

We are here for you, so please call us to schedule an appointment

Phone:  254.638.0898

Fax:      254.523.4247

Step 2 – 72 Hour Application Processing

The application will be processed within 72 hours if we are able to obtain the necessary information. Should we be unable to obtain all the necessary information requested, you may be requested to assist us in obtaining that information.

Step 3 – Approval Notification

If approved, you will be notified and an appointment will be set up with you and the leasing agent to execute the lease.

Step 4 – Other Notification

If you are not approved, you will be notified by telephone or email.


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